State College PA Senior Portraits

Those gorgeous spring flowers!

  High school juniors, this school year isn’t over yet, but let’s talk about senior photos! You’re probably thinking, “Say what?! It’s not even summer yet! I have plenty of time to get those done!” It’s true. Most schools in this area don’t have the senior photo deadline until October or even later, but why wait until then to get them done? So I have composed a list of the advantages of booking earlier. Here are four “perks” to scheduling your senior photos early:

1. Like the old saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.”

This brings me back to my old retail days when we had “early bird” specials for customers who shopped earlier in the day. Then when the afternoon rolled around, the items that were on special went back to their original prices and there was usually a lot fewer of them to choose from. Well, think of this in terms of booking a photographer. The earlier you call, the more likely you are to get your ideal date and time rather than whatever openings we (hopefully) have left. We are a small boutique studio and can only take on a small number of portraits. And while we hate to turn away clients when we are over booked at the end of the season, it happens every year.

10980744_817595384975082_1947955975015468303_n2. You can help make a difference!

This is something that we very much value because we feel so blessed and privileged to do what we love and make a living off of it. So for the month of May we are offering an early booking “give back” incentive. If you call and have your session booked before June 1st we will donate $25 of your session fee to Hearts for the Homeless, a shelter located downtown State College. To clarify on this, all you have to do is have your session booked and paid for before June 1st, not actually do your photo session before June 1st. I mean you can if you want to so you could also get the free gift (see #3 below), but if you call now and book your session for a date in July, that still qualifies you for the give back incentive.

app-23. The FREE gift!

Rather than just shaving off a few dollars for hopping on board with us sooner, we wanted to give something away for earlier bird bookers that we thought had a little more value. We decided to gift those clients who get their photos done early a customized mobile app (valued at $125). This is a pretty cool item that is very popular on our product list. It’s a compilation of 15 of your favorite photos put on to an app that works on any mobile device. It’s easily shareable with all your friends and family. We are giving this app away to the May and June senior photo sessions only so call now to get your free app!      

4. Be the first to share your photos!

Really this is just an added bonus. You’ll get these great pictures taken of yourself and what will you want to do with them? Well, show them off of course! Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or with the mobile app, you can proudly show your photos and kick off your senior year right! Your new profile pic will make people say, “Dang, girl!” or “Cool photo, Bro.” 😉 So, are you a current junior who loves having fun and is excited about senior photos? Do you know someone else who fits the bill? If you or someone you know will be graduating high school next year, please give us a call and schedule your session now! 🙂 - Andrea