As girls, we dream about our wedding day even before we become brides. Then finally you meet THE ONE, and you can finally put your dream wedding into action! It may be a mountainous scenic outdoor ceremony or a garden fairy inspiration from the stories you so loved as a child. Whatever the case may be, you’ve been planning this wedding since you’ve been 9 years old and yet as your wedding day approaches, so does the infamous doom of rain clouds that could potentially DESTROY…IT……ALL!!! So you think….

Despite the looming forecast and anxiety, we wanted to share some reasons why you should embrace your rainy wedding day. After 15 years in this business, we’ve seen it all and have come across some bad weather situations (and it’s not like you can cancel the wedding)! But we hope the photos and reasons below may give you some hope if rainy weather seems to pour into the very bane of your wedding planning existence!

#1: The forecast calls for rain, but it often doesn’t rain ALL day

At times luck is on our side and it rains during the ceremony while we’re inside the church or while we’re indoors at the reception. We realize it doesn’t always perfectly happen this way, but allowing yourself to be flexible on planning (that is have a back up plan) can allow you to relax too. Often too after a storm has passed, the light will be soft and gorgeous or a fog will come in. And if you’re really lucky, both together can create this beautifully serene atmosphere.

#2: Photos with umbrellas and rain are unique

Truth be told, some of our favorite photos have come from rainy wedding days. Whether it be the light, or the romance of rain falling while the bride and groom embrace under an umbrella is just beautiful.

#3: When it rains, look for rainbows…quite literally!

On some occasions when we photographed weddings with rain in the morning or afternoon, we were then rewarded with rainbows in the skies at the end of day. They are rare and hard to capture, but that’s what makes them so special! Regardless of the rain, the rainbow that comes afterwards is magical, and the lasting memory of that on your wedding day will out live the doom and gloom of the rain.

#4: Have fun with it!

Yes, I know this is easier said than done and especially if it’s a great disappointment to you. First, give yourself an opportunity to mourn. If you have to cry it out, vent to your girlfriends, or pop the champagne early, so be it. But then just go all in and have fun with it! I can’t tell you what a difference it makes when we see brides just let themselves enjoy their day despite their weather expectations! Choose joy, and don’t let the rainy weather get you down.

#5: Let your photographer be creative

Yes having it rain on your wedding day can be challenging to any photographer, but this is why hiring a professional who has experience and back up plans is key! Plus, having a rainy wedding allows us to think outside the box, play, and experiment to which you walk away with truly unique and amazing photos! It’s nice for us to think creatively out of the box for a change when we’ve been used to photographing at the same locations.

#6: Indoor photos can be beautiful

Yes all the greenery is beautiful too, but having a nice back up indoor location for photos can be just as beautiful and unique. We’ve done a lot with off camera lighting and natural light from windows. And we’ve traveled to museums, used the inside of churches, bed and breakfasts, or pretty covered locations for photos to combat the rain. (**It’s best to call ahead if you want to use a location that is questionable on permission.)

#7: Rain may put a damper on your wedding plans, but not in your marriage

In the end, the love of your life is still by your side. You both have taken a vow to love each other…in sickness and in health, until death due you part…so you can certainly face the rain together. That’s how life works, isn’t it? It’s messy, but that’s why we need Jesus and each other. So after all the rain, in life and in actuality, look for the rainbows because they will be well worth the wait.