About a week or so ago we did a fun photoshoot with one of our favorite magical fairies...ahem, I mean one of our favorite people. We have been friends with Jacci for a few years and she has been the creative force to all of our wardrobe pieces for our senior stylized shoots.

You can view them here:

To say she is crafty and talented is an understatement! So in exchange for her mastery skills in sewing and putting together unique outfits, we photograph her in her latest and greatest creations. You can view her other photoshoot here: Woodland Elf Fantasy Photography

We can’t stop admiring her handmade fairy costume and look that she created this year! It is every bit glorious, beautiful, and magical that well exceeds our expectations! What do you think? Does she look like a character from an enchanted forest? We can’t decide which photo is our favorite! Better yet, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year!!

Wardrobe and Model: Jaclyn Weatherly

Hair: Chelsea Flory from Ulta Salon

Make up: Lake Poremski