It's wedding time, and we are so pleased to kick off season 2017 with Matt and Allison's wedding! And what a fun wedding it was! Both the ceremony and reception were at the beautiful Harmony Forge Inn and as you can see in the photos, the cowboy boots and hats were very appropriate for this barn style country wedding. The bride and groom themselves are very laid back, welcoming, and friendly people. Actually, the laid back atmosphere was very present throughout the whole day. I think Allison and Matt really set the tone which allowed everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. It was a bit chilly during outdoor photo time, but the whole bridal party was still laughing and having fun. Yes, we LOVE to have fun when we work! Joel and I certainly take our jobs seriously, seriously enough to focus on doing our jobs well, but we also like to have fun with the people we are photographing! By far some of the cutest moments of the day were when Matt and Allison's daughter, Mia, was awake and in photos. She is just the sweetest and her "surprise" face is priceless! Speaking of surprises, Matt had something very special for Allison during their first dance. Bubbles! They danced under the twinkling lights and floating bubbles. I must say this was a cool "photog" moment since it was the first time we photographed a bride and groom surrounded in bubbles on the dance floor. All day, we could see the love they had for each other and it just felt as if Matt was Allison's white knight in shining armor. This became truth to us when witnessing Allison's very moving speech of Matt's complete devotion, strength, and love that he provided during a very difficult time in her life. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room...including mine! All said and done, Matt and Allison's day was fantastic! They danced, they laughed, they ate amazing food, provided by Hog Father's catering. Seriously, it was the most delicious country style comfort food we have ever eaten at a wedding! Thank you Allison and Matt for all the yummy food, your hospitality, your laughter, and a wonderful "first" to our wedding season! May you always share the laughter, love, and warmth in your marriage together as it was on your wedding day! Many blessings to you all! 🙂 - Andrea Vendor Credits: