Meet this sweet photo loving girlie named Brenna.  Quite the beauty, don't you think?!  Brenna is the first lovely lady to be photographed as one of our Senior Reps this year.  Being accustomed to the camera herself, she definitely had the right instincts and moves to put out some really great photos. Brenna's wardrobe (and friends) provided us with a variety of trendy looks for her session.  Did I mention that her SO cute black sandal wedges are from France?!  She recently was vacationing in Europe with her family, and we're sure she enjoyed taking lots and lots of photos!  : )  Anyway, she had great colorful pieces that really made her POP off the studio and outdoor backgrounds. We decided to take Brenna to Curtain Village, a place where we have photographed before, but never a high school senior. We mostly use this spot for weddings, but this year we decided, with a helpful suggestion from another senior rep, to add it to our list of senior spots.  It certainly is a great place for photos providing a nice mixture of nature and old buildings. Brenna's hard work and wardrobe planning definitely shows!  She really conveys a soft beautiful smile in a lot of her photos.  We had a lot of fun during her session.  She was very easy to work with and comfortable in front of the camera.  I think it's safe to say that her personality really speaks in her photos.  Great job Brenna, and what a great way to start us off for the season!    - Andrea : )  
**Check out Brenna's youtube video!