We’ve been doing High School Senior stylized shoots for the past 2 years now (see our past projects here and here) so we were very eager to break out year three with a bang! And when I say “bang” I mean a color bang! Aside from our usual wedding and portrait work, we occasionally like to do other projects that are a little different and creatively outside the box.

The photos you are about to see are not your typical hair, makeup, or wardrobe that you would see on the street. Instead, we were drawing inspiration from fashion magazines and the runway! In fact, if it wasn’t for the amazing stylist, Heather Kirk, owner of BMSHL Beauty, and the very talented on the side costume creator, Jaclyn Weatherly, we wouldn’t have been able to pull this look off!

So before you scroll, think of your favorite color. Do these ladies give it justice? My guess…you'll agree that they pull it off with a bang!


Hair/Makeup: Heather Kirk, Instagram @heatherkirkk, bmshlbeauty.com

Wardrobe: Jaclyn Weatherly, Instagram @jaclyn_of_weatherly


  • Red - Avery Abersold
  • Yellow - Bailey Spangler
  • Green - Natalie Nyman
  • Blue - Annika Bjalme
  • Black - Mackenzie Jodrie