Another beautiful wedding in the books for the season! Our feature couple,Β Matt and Connie, had both their ceremony and reception at the McCann School of Art. One location weddings always have a low key feel to the day since all the hustle and bustle of driving to different locations isn't a factor. This was very fitting for our bride and groom, because they both are so easy going and don't take things TOO seriously. Well, they are serious when it counts, but as you will see in their photos, their sense of humor and playfulness really is a part of their personalities and chemistry with each other. We started out with the Matt, our groom, and his distinguished men. They had us laughing majority of the time with their jokes and sarcasm. So much so, that I had to remind myself that I was suppose to be taking pictures! But as I've mentioned in other blogs before, we have fun at work. πŸ˜‰ Connie was ready to get into her dress once we arrived. She is one that values punctuality for sure and loves to keep on schedule. Connie and Joel must be related somehow.... πŸ˜‰ So this all being said, we had plenty of time to take some gorgeous photos of Miss Connie and her ladies. We love how their coral colors popped against the green backgrounds of the forest. And though, it wasn't a very sunny day, we had great soft light to play with! The ceremony took place in McCann's beautiful sculpture garden. Connie's mom walked her down the aisle to her groom and best friend. Both bride and groom read very heartfelt, funny, and sincere vows to each other. At one point, I thought Matt, the strong and steady kind of guy, was about to shed a few tears while sayings his vows. But Connie offered him strength and support and he was able to hold it together. That's kind of how marriage works. You can be strong and vulnerable for each other. Even in the same moment. After the "I do's," we had a great time with the wedding party taking photos! There was a mixture of silliness and elegance during our time. We like to show the couple's personalities in our photos, because that's who they are! And Connie and Matt both have a great sense of humor and really enjoy each other. The fun and party rolled right into the reception too! LOTS of dancing, adorable kids, and laughter. Speaking of those adorable kiddos, they may be adorable, but in a blink of an eye they will take you down! This was the fate of poor Connie who was tackled to the ground both by their cuteness and tiny hands. Either way it made a great photo moment. πŸ™‚ Thank you Matt and Connie for entertaining us while we worked hard capturing your day! You and your wedding party were a blast and we wish you all the very best. God bless and may you always have both love and laughter alive in your marriage! πŸ™‚ - Andrea Other vendors: