As a kid, I enjoyed reading fairytales and using my imagination to explore magical and fantasy lands. My favorite movies were Legend (starring Tom Cruise), Labyrinth (yasss, David Bowie), and The Never Ending Story, (an 80s kid classic). I still enjoy fantasy movies and books to this day!

It was a few months ago that it was time to consider a new theme for our annual stylized senior shoot. It’s our fourth year in a row doing these unique shoots while collaborating with other talented people and business owners. It truly is something we all look forward to each year! You can view our past projects here:

It wasn’t until after doing our friend’s photo shoot, whom by the way is an amazing costume designer and creative herself, that we drew our inspiration for this year’s theme. You can view Jacci’s photos from her shoot here. And you will see why we chose to do fairies this year!

To make it short and get to the point, because I know you all just want to see the photos, here is the list of vendors, models, and roles each of us played in order for this amazing project to happen!


Style Team

Hair: Lauren Lucas, owner and creator from Winged Beauty Studio (a.k.a. Hair Magician).

Makeup: Kelly Clark, an amazing makeup artist who we’ve worked with in the past for the “Old Hollywood” project and weddings.

Costumer: Jaclyn Weatherly, who lives and breathes creativity and art. We have worked with her on every one of these senior projects and would be lost without her!


Photo/Post Production Team

Photographer: Andrea Knepper, ….I get the fun job! Yeah, I’m alright. 😉

Retoucher: Joel Knepper, the computer mastermind and retouch genius who took these photos to a whole other level!


Flower Fairy: Emily Shiels

Light Fairy: Mackenzie Ebeling

Forest Fairy: Olivia Reiter

Ice Fairy: Annalee Caprio

Butterfly Fairy: Selah Brown