I'm always in the spirit of mischief, candy, and costumes. Though, a bit of a bummer for the kids this year. 🙁 Trick-or-treating has been rescheduled due to the torrential rain and tornado watch...for REAL! So rather than going out door to door with our children seeking treats, instead this evening we are cuddled together on the couch, bellies full of homemade soup, and watching family friendly Halloween movies. Not a bad night either really. 😉

At any rate, I found that it was fitting to unveil the latest "Jacci Shoot" on Halloween night! If you follow our blog and social media accounts, you may recognize our very talented friend, stylist, and creative genius, Jaclyn (a.k.a. Jacci). Being a skilled costume designer and seamstress, she has literally handmade many of her costume pieces and is willing to go all the way to "set the scene" in her character's world. Being that she is actively involved in Renaissance fairs and LARP (Live Action Role Play) events, our photoshoots together are often very fun, and Jacci is completely natural, very in her element, and easy to photograph. If you haven't seen other costumes and photoshoots of Jacci, you can view them at these links:

Fairy Fantasy

Woodland Elf

And I would be doing her a great disservice if I didn't share her collaboration and amazing costume work for our high school senior projects. You can view our past years at these links:

Fairy Fantasy

Color Vibes

Fairytale Princess

Hollywood Glam

So without further ado, scroll below and see Jacci's latest and greatest character creation! This slytherin alchemist could most definitely have a movie of her own being that the photos have a very cinematic feel! What do you think? Tell us below in the comments!

But before you scroll...a special thanks goes to the stylists at Ulta for their time, talent, and enthusiasm towards Jacci's hair and makeup! And a VERY special thanks to General Potter Farm for allowing us to once again benefit from using the amazing property!

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