Say hello to Fiona!  This tall long haired beauty is our 2nd Senior Rep to be photographed this year.  She may be new to us taking her picture, but her family is no stranger to our photo services.  Both her older brother and sister have been to our studio for their senior pics.  So we definitely had a good feeling about Fiona and she certainly proved us right! We first started in the studio, which I think we managed to pull out a "Cover Girl" shot from her photo shoot (seen down below).  She had the look and smile to pass for one anyway.  : )  We were about to go out back behind our studio to our Caribbean colored wall, but alas, it started to rain and we had to reschedule the rest of her shoot for a different (more dry) day. Once we got together again, we went back to our brightly colored wall and she brought a stellar look to compliment the scenery.  Adding her high heels and a trendy bun, she must have stood 6 feet tall.  She is one long legged lady!  A couple of times during her shoot I either had to stand on the tip of my toes or on a small stool just to get a good angle on her. Despite the height difference between us, we made a good team and had a fun shoot. We then traveled to General Potter Farm for the outdoor portion of her shoot, which was a good fit for Fiona's style.  As soon as she pulled the boots and scarves out of her bag, we thought of the farm.  She too is an accessories girl!  We got some great woodsy and rustic shots of Fiona.  She really looked natural and beautiful in this setting.  Her mom, Mary, was along during her shoots and proved to make a great photo assistant as she held a light or a diffusion panel.  Hey, when you need another hand, mom always comes to the rescue, right!  Mary was a good sport about it and pleasantly held the extra light at times so that her daughter would get an awesome shot.  : ) Overall, we laughed, we posed, we got rained out, we trudged through the woods, we petted Nigel the goat (at the farm), and hopefully ended up with a great experience for Fiona as well as great photos.  Great job, Fiona and thank for being our Senior Rep!  -  Andrea : )  
**Check out Fiona's video!


"Cover Girl!"