Meet Miss Jadah.  She is another lovely Senior Rep for us this year and boy did she deliver!  Her shoot is an excellent example of great planning and collaboration of ideas.  Weeks before our planned shoot, Jadah was already emailing us a bunch of ideas.  Hey, we're always game for anything and trying something different.  She really wanted to set herself apart and be a little different to really capture her personality.  We normally try to attempt this anyway, but when she mentioned she wanted to do a candy shop theme for her studio shoot, we were listening.  Granted we didn't have the wall of candy props or a location to go to that completely matched her initial vision, but we managed to pull out something that did portray those classic candy themed photos:  bright, colorful, and fun! Jadah's wardrobe planning really carried well through her shoot.  I mean, she even had a gummy bear necklace for her candy themed photos!  This is the kind of girl who would dress up to go to Walmart while the rest of us (or maybe just me) would be rocking out the old sweat pants and a pony tail.  Clearly in her photos she has an extensive wardrobe and put it all together.  We're not saying that we recommend everyone goes out and buys new clothes for their photo shoot, wear what you want to wear and what best represents YOU! However, that being said, wardrobe planning is KEY and does make a big difference in your photos. For the outside portion of Jadah's shoot we took her to a new place on our "senior list" where we really love the contrast of nature vs. old cinder blocks and broken glass.  Trying to explain this to someone over the phone or through email can be a bit tricky but after seeing these photos we think it may become very popular.  Jadah however understood our vision from the start and was happy to try out the new place.  She gave us energy and was very comfortable in front of the camera (not to mention she is ridiculously photogenic).  She really knocked it out of the park and brought her shoot to a whole new level.  It was edgy, it showed fashion, it was fun, and most importantly, it was her.  : ) So if you're thinking out of the box and want something different, we're definitely on board.  Don't be afraid to shoot out an idea and don't be limited by the sessions we have listed on our website.  Jadah's shoot was definitely not our typical senior session but we hope it gives you an idea of what can be possible with some great planning and a lot of time.  Even if it's something we don't have and can't physically provide, you never know what other ideas might spin off of it!  Great job, Jadah and what a way to work it!  -  Andrea : )  
**Check out Jadah's video!