Ahhh Jordyn, where to begin... We've known Jordyn for what seems like forever now. Really it was only about 6 years ago at her sister Megan's wedding that we met her. We photographed her as a bridesmaid then, her senior portraits shortly after, and then again as a bridesmaid at her other sister Kylie's wedding this past fall. Kylie's wedding was in Maryland and after our work was done that day, since we were staying over that evening at the venue, we had the pleasure of hanging out with her family and guests and even getting' down on the dance floor a bit - I won't even use the word dancing to describe what was attempted (except for Andrea, who's a pro).
Jordyn as a bridesmaid at her sister Megan's wedding

Jordyn as a bridesmaid at her sister Megan's wedding


Jordan's senior photo. Do you think we'll see the hat again at the wedding? Only time will tell 🙂


Jordyn and Mark at her sister Kylie's wedding


Jordyn and Kylie having fun, making questionable choices after an adult beverage or two 🙂


Jordyn's adorable nieces Maddy and Violet.

  We've also photographed her 2 beautiful little nieces at our studio and just in general pretty much love working with her whole family. Oh, and she has been babysitting our 2 kids for years now. While out shooting a wedding, or a family portrait, or a senior session, we frequently receive texts from Jordyn with images like those below. It's safe to say our kids love her like family. They think Mark is ok too 🙂   13233130_10209032982084771_3558124109494431444_n 12963613_10208686775509823_7096064773004831278_n Speaking of Mark, we knew it was going to take a special guy to be good enough for our kids' Miss Jordi. For years our daughter Emmy kept asking if Jordi was going to get married, and even tried various times to hook her up with one of our other babysitters, Nick. Well, luckily for Mark that never panned out, and he won Jordan's heart and that of our kids - he's okay with us too 😉   Now, finally, on to the engagement photos! The engagement session was a lot of fun, we had an absolutely gorgeous evening at the arboretum and the photos are stunning. Enjoy!   002 006 007 024 029 032 033 038 039 044 048 052 054 056 063 070 072   So now it's Jordyn's turn to get married. Their wedding will be in October and we can't wait! Congratulations Jordyn and Mark!!!
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