What a beautiful Spring day for a wedding! Lindsay and Aaron's wedding was full of beauty, elegance, and fun. This bride LOVES photos and certainly has an eye for composition, style, and lighting herself. Lindsay's father, Gary, happens to be a retired wedding photographer so it must run in the family. 😉  We love it when our clients get into the photo process. It's like we're all working together to make art. Their artwork, most especially, is dear to their hearts because it is what will be on their walls and in their wedding album left for their children and grandchildren to see for years to come! It was a marathon of photos for sure! We started with both bride and groom getting ready (Joel with the guys and I will the ladies). Lindsay was so attentive to every touch and detail. Even their sweet little dog was dressed for the occasion. I'm such a sucker for cute doggies in bow ties! Before we raced off to get Lindsay married, we were able to capture some beautiful photos of her, her ladies, and parents. Lindsay and Aaron's ceremony was at St. John's Episcopal Church. We just love the old red doors and stone architecture. Many of downtown Bellefonte's churches have an old charm about them. After Lindsay and Aaron said their "I do's," their church exit was especially unique. Rather than throwing the traditional rice or blowing bubbles as they exit, instead their wedding guests threw lavender at them! That's right! From far away, it may look like rice, but the lavender was a signature fragrance of their wedding. I'm sure each time I have the opportunity to smell lavender for all my remaining days on this earth, I will remember Lindsay and Aaron's wedding. Before their exit, I was crouched down in front of the guests ready to take their photos. Not really thinking what would happen to me in the process, as our lovely couple came out of the church, the lavender soared through the air, and landed all over me! Well, it felt like it anyway. I think Joel had the smart approach to take his photos while following them out of the church. Although I was completely covered in lavender (very possible it appeared that I had lice), I smelled quite lovely. 😉 The party bus was ready to take our bridal crew to the Courthouse in town for some sentimental photos. Lindsay happens to work at the Courthouse and it also makes a really cool backdrop for photos. We were able to get a couple of dramatic shots of the bride and groom as well as fun photos with the rest of the party. Then, off to General Potter Farm for the rest of photos and their reception. I must say, Aaron is very patient and truly loves his wife. For the fact that photo time isn't always a "top" priority on a groom's list on the wedding day, he most definitely was very attentive and giving. 🙂 At the reception we got an extra treat to work with awesome vendors who we know and love (a.k.a. The Dream Team): Alex Nepa, DJ and owner of Mint DJ Events Alyssa and Brandon, owners of  Wink! Photo Booths Cori and Megan, wedding planners, from B Events Not only do we all love our jobs and take pride in doing our best, we also love to have fun too! Here we all are crammed in one glorious photo, courtesy of Wink! 18156073_10154647241546733_4815277270599005229_o The reception was a blast as everyone was out on the dance floor enjoying Alex Nepa's mixes and beats! The guests were able to enjoy this fun beautiful wedding from start to finish. As a closing, Lindsay and Aaron made their final wedding exit under the glow of sparkles. You couldn't have asked for a better day! Lindsay and Aaron, may your life together and marriage be full of love and lighthearted fun as it was on your wedding day! And thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your beautiful day! Blessings, Andrea