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A Brief Introduction

My name is Joel Knepper, I'm the "J" in J&A Photography. That's my wife Andrea and I to the left.

We're both photographers and parents and we love serving others (like you) with our gifts.

We met many years ago at Penn State and started our photo business shortly after graduating. We've had our studio in Pleasant Gap for over 10 years now, and while both of us are transplants from other parts of the state, we now consider ourselves locals!

We have two school-aged children that we love spending time with.

We're both very active in our church community and love to serve others!

We love working with other small business owners to help them grow and thrive in our community.

Photography To Elevate Your Business

In today's world, the importance of the visual representation of yourself and your company cannot be overstated. Both through a dynamic, engaging website, and effective social media, you are letting your potential customers know not just WHAT but WHO they are getting when they hire you.

Professional images that allow your customers inside, to meet you, to know a bit about the story they are buying into (not just the product or service) are vital to stay relevant in today's market.

That's Where We Come In!

Head Shots

The simplest way to improve your business image is with a quality professional head shot that will show your customers that you take what you do seriously.

Team Photos

Introduce your potential clients to the friendly faces they'll be working with. Individual head shots are a start but team photos take it to another level of personalization.

Lifestyle Portraits

A step up from a standard head shot, environmental imagery allows your potential customers to get a sense for the personality of your business, beginning to grow those first feelings of comfort and relationship building.

Your business IN ACTION

Sure, you can purchase cheap stock photography to fill the empty spaces on your website, but your customers want to know about YOUR COMPANY. It's all about letting them in, creating comfort, and starting a relationship, all while looking amazing!

Location/Space Photography

Have you invested in a beautiful new office space or storefront? Well, show it off! You've put the time and money into it for a reason, because it shows your clients how important they are to you. Now show that to prospective clients as well!

Custom Product Photography

Show off your products with style and flair. Your customers need to see the products you offer and you need that presentation to be as professional as possible, showing your customers that you take your business seriously, and in turn, care about them.

Trusted In Our Community

We've been counted on for years to help local businesses put their best image forward to their clients. Chances are, we may have even worked with someone you know.

Click below to view some of our portfolio of some favorite images from working with businesses and see if you can find any familiar faces.

What's Your Next Step?

I'd love to meet up with you or chat on the phone to see how I can help you to move your business forward. Whether it's as simple as updating your head shot, or a full rebranding of your company, I'm confident that I can help you to elevate your image and put your best foot forward to your current and potential clients.

Best of luck in your business ventures and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

- Joel Knepper

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