Parent's of a toddler ourselves we certainly know how difficult they can be - unexplainable tantrums, mood swings, pouting, kicking, screaming, crying, you name it!  As parents we have certain ways to try to deal with or cope with these crazy behaviors.  As photographers we have to do the same, the tricky part is, it's with someone else's kids.  Whether it be singing a song, playing peek-a-boo, dancing around like a fool, or bribing with candy we do what we have to to get the shots. Today we had two beautiful, sweet little girls in the studio for some portraits with mom, grandma, great-grandma and their god-mother.  Without going into the gruesome details let's just say things got off to a rough start.  All those fun little things that toddlers do that we mentioned earlier - they happened.  And really it wasn't just the start either, it was mostly the whole shoot. But patience and a singing, dancing Andrea prevailed and we got some really, REALLY cute photos.  Looking back at these now it's very hard to imagine just how difficult of a session it was.  So, as hard as it can be to photograph toddlers, it is equally as rewarding to show images like this to shocked and stunned parents who thought their kids had ruined the session 🙂