After 4 years, 4 siblings, and 4 weddings, all the Boone kids are finally married!  It all started with Stacey and Ted - Stacey was the maid of honor in another wedding we did for Karey and Paul (who we've since done baby and family photos for) - then it was Jake and Mandy, then last year Amanda and Jeremy, and now it is Shannon's turn.  Shannon and Bill came to us about a week after they got engaged, knowing of course that we'd be their photographers!  We absolutely love working with the Boone family and have made some great friends over the years.

Shannon and Bill got married at the United Methodist church in Bellefonte, just behind the high school.  We found some really nice little spots there to do the pre-ceremony bridal party photos with the guys and the girls separately.  After the ceremony ended the bridal party loaded up in their stretch Hummer and headed to campus for some shots in our special secret field spot 🙂 (just kidding, it's not really a secret) and then on to Old Main.  We didn't have a lot of time but we worked quickly and the bridal party was cooperative allowing us to still get some fantastic shots.

We'll definitely miss doing weddings for the Boone's but we know there will be lots more babies in the future (Jake and Mandy and Stacey and Ted have already been to us for baby pics too!)  Congratulations Shannon and Bill, we wish you and your wonderful families nothing but the best!!!